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I don’t even know if this is the actual ‘TMI Tag’ lol, but I hope it helps you relate to me more 🖤

1. Are you named after anyone?
2. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
3. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
4. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
5. Scary movie or happy endings?
6. Favourite smells?
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8. Do you have any special talents?
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13. Who was your first best friend?
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15. Funniest moment throughout school?
16. How many countries have you visited?
17. What was your favourite/worst subject in high school?
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20. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?
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Bald and Boujee

Hey Hunnies,

So, I am officially a bald bitch! I hope this video explains why I reached for the clippers and gives some advice for anyone thinking about doing the same  💙




This is my best BBB haul ever.  I know that I’ve have been MIA, but my 3rd year of university hit me like a tonne of bricks.  BUT, I’m trying to be more consistent with my blogging as it is something that I really enjoy doing; so stay tuned 👀.

I know I always say ‘cannot believe what I was able to pick up’ but I really really really mean it this time! I am thrilled with the products I managed to get, as I was willing to pay full price for quite a few of them.

The beauty section of TkMaxx’s website exceeded my expectations, I wasn’t expecting to find anything interesting (I was actually looking for Neom/Yankee candles), but was pleasantly surprised.  It is the source of the first three items in this post- which also happen to be my favourites.

Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation in shade N185

RRP: Discontinued

TkMaxx Price: £9.99

I truly couldn’t believe this, my friends didn’t either when I sent them a link of the product.  I was shocked that they still had this foundation around, as it has been discontinued in favour of the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation- which I also have in shade 180.  I think I prefer the formula of the normal HD as it is thinner, but very pigmented, so I am really happy I that have this.  I tend to use this on the outer perimeter of my face on nights out with my Ultra HD in the centre.  This is because it helps add tone and dimension as the UHD in N180 is more warm and golden whilst the N185 is more red and richer which I love.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Kit in shade 30

RRP: £31.00

TkMaxx Price: £9.99

My brows are my life.  I will use any excuse to try new products.   They are looking a bit 😷 at the moment as I’m trying to grow them out for my 21st birthday in April.  But, orange colour corrector has been helping them stay in check.  I was a bit sceptical about the colour as I like dark, almost black brows.  This is a very rich brown, which adds a nice amount definition without being over powering.  I love the product, spoolie and case but not the brush- I find that it is wayyyyy too thick.   I use my Anastasia No 7 instead- which has never let me down.  Even though I like using this product, I do not think that I would repurchase it at the full RRP.  I feel like the price is marked up because it is a kit; but, the spoolie, brush and case does not justify the price in my opinion.

Nars Highlighting Blush in Miss Liberty

RRP: £23.00

TkMaxx Price: £16.99

“I hope to find more face products if the future, maybe some Nars Blushes or a Make Up For Ever concealer or two 😂.” Anthonia Ademuyiwa, BBB Part 2

My wish came true!  I am a HUGE fan of Nars Blushes; Orgasm and Taj Mahal are my ride or die blushes.  I love the texture, pigmentation and shade variety of this product- I am in love with the brand itself.  This blush helps me achieve ‘the lit from within’ look that I go for when highlighting.  It is less pigmented than normal Nars blushes as it is a highlighter but I love the fact that it adds a healthy sheen to the skin as opposed to tonnes of pigment.  I like using this product alone or as a base for my more intense highlighters on days that I want to be seen from space.  I’ve found that applying my highlighter after spraying my face with MAC’s Fix+ leaves my skin looking extra luscious.

Tweezerman Point Tweezer

RRP: £21.95

TkMaxx Price: £9.99

Any time I need new beauty tools/items, I check TkMaxx before heading to Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams etc. to save some £££.  I needed a pair of good sharp tweezers to pluck the stray hairs in my brows whilst growing them out, so I was all smiles when I stumbled across these.  I have found that it is easier to find good tools, make up brushes and nail polishes in TkMaxx in comparison to makeup, so definitely keep it in mind when shopping for these items.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

RRP: £17.00

TkMaxx Price: £4.99

I’ll be honest, I didn’t need this product.  I already own jumbo pencils, a concealer + powder and Urban Decay Primer Potion, that all work well as eye primers.  But, the bargain hunter in me couldn’t put this down.  It is a lovely product which does the job, but I’ll be keeping this as a backup for when all my other primers run out.

Eyeko London Fat Brush and Skinny Brush Mascara

RRP: £19 each

TkMaxx Price: £4.99

I try to change my mascaras frequently because I am prone to styes, so I rarely spend money on expensive mascaras.  I decided to pick these two up after enjoying a sample of the skinny version which was free in a magazine.  These mascaras are great, but they can be quite wet, which can easily mess up your eyes or base, so caution is required.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

RRP: £9.00

TkMaxx Price: £3.99


I have wanted to try this for ages, with the hope that it will encourage me to look after my nails as they always smudge whilst waiting for them to dry.  I have used it a few times, and I have mixed feelings.  It lives up to its claims, my nails dry very quickly, which reduces the probability of me smudging them.  However, there is a warning on the bottle which states “this product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm”.  This warning paired with the fact that the product smells like something that I would use in a fume-hood in my chemistry labs raises some 🚩🚩🚩.  In addition to this, I’ve noticed that the longevity mani + pedi is reduced when using this topcoat, as that the polish peels off very easily.  To conclude, I will only be using this top coat in ‘nail emergencies 🙄😂’ and that I will not be repurchasing when it finishes.

If this BBB hasn’t convinced you to keep TkMaxx on your radar, I don’t know what will.  I have seen some MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Stila in stores and on their website, so I am sure that I will pick up some exciting bits and bobs for the next post.



Branded Beauty Bargains: TkMaxx Pt. 2


I went through a stage where I wasn’t finding anything that made me do a double take in Tkmaxx and I almost gave up hope.  But I’m so glad that I didn’t.

I’m still surprised at all of the items that I found as a few are cult beauty favourites.  **squeals**

Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette- Reflection

RRP: £34.00

TkMaxx Price: £12.99

I had all finger and toes crossed when I saw about half a dozen of these palettes lined up.  I thought they would be colours that wouldn’t suit my style of makeup or ones that wouldn’t suit my skin tone, luckily this wasn’t the case.  These shadows are absolutely gorgeous.  The precious metal theme though out this palette makes it easy to create sexy sultry evening looks.  The shadows are very creamy and very easy to blend as they are almost gel like in texture- I’ve found that applying these shadows with my fingers or a synthetic flat brush works best.

Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Eyeshadow- Bibelot

RRP: £17.00

TkMaxx Price: £7.99

I will not lie to you, I didn’t want to pay £8 for this, especially since I bought my gold Nars eye shadow pot for £5.  So, I left it on the shelf.  I went back a week later after realising how much khaki I wear and how nice green shadow looks on 🍫 skin.  I think this shadow was destined to be in my collection since no one had made it theirs, but, I’m not complaining.

I found both Illamasqua products in a major UK department store a few days later, retailing for the RRP, which, makes me love them just a little bit more 💖.

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Pencil in S-20 and M-10

RRP: £15.00

TkMaxx Price: £3.99


I actually needed new blue and black eyeliners after losing both on separate nights out.  I was going settle on MUA pencils as those are my go to liners but, after seeing MUFE quality at TkMaxx pricing, I grabbed these.  They are nice and creamy, allowing them to glide onto the water line without tugging.  The only negative is that they do not screw back down, which can waste product.

The Balm Balms Away Eye Break-up

RRP: £15.50

TkMaxx Price: £4.00


This reminds me of my Clinique Take the Day off- just a bit oilier, making it a good alternative for those with drier skin.  I actually purchased this item to see if I could use it whilst washing my makeup brushes, without stripping them of their softness. I’ll do an update to let you know if it works.

I hope that this has reinforced how bomb TkMaxx is.  I hope to find more face products if the future, maybe some Nars Blushes or a Make Up For Ever concealer or two 😂.

I really hope that TkMaxx continues to deliver with their branded beauty, I will be back with an even better part 3, and soon I’ll have enough products to do a look on.





eBay: How and Why


I’ve been eBaying on and off since December 2010 and I’ve made a decent amount of money from doing it.  I love this method of decluttering as it allows me to invest the money I make into buying new things, whilst freeing up some of the storage space that I have in my tiny uni room.

I am going to share my 4 top tips for selling items on eBay which will hopefully inspire some of you to get listing.

  1. Be HARSH.

If you haven’t worn something in over 3 months, do not like the way an item fits or if you have anything that has had its tags on for months, it should go.  There are obviously some exceptions, but this is the general rule that I use when deciding what to sell and what to keep.  It might seem hard at first, but you will not miss these items when you have the extra cash in your pocket.

  1. Start your auction at the minimum price that you would like the item to sell for.

There have been so many times that I’ve started an auction at 99p and have been disappointed when it has sold for that price.  By starting your listings at a reasonable price that you are happy with, you’ll get a lot more money and satisfaction out of your eBay experience.

  1. Sell items in big batches.

I tend to have clear-outs every 3-4 months and post all my items at a go.  It can be time consuming, but by doing this, I can tell potential buyers to have a look through my eBay shop, with the hope that they might buy multiple items.

  1. Don’t be disheartened when your items do not sell.

It can be annoying when your item doesn’t sell, especially when it is one that you had high hopes for.  But, analyse why it possibly did not sell, revise the item, then post again.  Some of my items don’t sell until the 3rd of 4th time of reposting.  If they still do not sell, I take the item to my local charity shop to free up space.

eBaying can be time consuming but it is 100% worth it.  Remember to take good clear quality pictures from all angles, to add key words to your title and write an informative description and your items should sell.  I have also found that it is quicker and easier to start a bunch of  drafts for items on a laptop/pc and to finish them on your phone as you can do this on the go.

I am currently selling a ton of things on my eBay store, including all the items that are inserted as images and extras such as Nike ID Air Maxes.  Check them out as examples and feel free to bid if you see anything that you like.

Store link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anthoniaademuyiwa/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=