Branded Beauty Bargains: TkMaxx Pt. 2


I went through a stage where I wasn’t finding anything that made me do a double take in Tkmaxx and I almost gave up hope.  But I’m so glad that I didn’t.

I’m still surprised at all of the items that I found as a few are cult beauty favourites.  **squeals**

Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette- Reflection

RRP: £34.00

TkMaxx Price: £12.99

I had all finger and toes crossed when I saw about half a dozen of these palettes lined up.  I thought they would be colours that wouldn’t suit my style of makeup or ones that wouldn’t suit my skin tone, luckily this wasn’t the case.  These shadows are absolutely gorgeous.  The precious metal theme though out this palette makes it easy to create sexy sultry evening looks.  The shadows are very creamy and very easy to blend as they are almost gel like in texture- I’ve found that applying these shadows with my fingers or a synthetic flat brush works best.

Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Eyeshadow- Bibelot

RRP: £17.00

TkMaxx Price: £7.99

I will not lie to you, I didn’t want to pay £8 for this, especially since I bought my gold Nars eye shadow pot for £5.  So, I left it on the shelf.  I went back a week later after realising how much khaki I wear and how nice green shadow looks on 🍫 skin.  I think this shadow was destined to be in my collection since no one had made it theirs, but, I’m not complaining.

I found both Illamasqua products in a major UK department store a few days later, retailing for the RRP, which, makes me love them just a little bit more 💖.

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Pencil in S-20 and M-10

RRP: £15.00

TkMaxx Price: £3.99


I actually needed new blue and black eyeliners after losing both on separate nights out.  I was going settle on MUA pencils as those are my go to liners but, after seeing MUFE quality at TkMaxx pricing, I grabbed these.  They are nice and creamy, allowing them to glide onto the water line without tugging.  The only negative is that they do not screw back down, which can waste product.

The Balm Balms Away Eye Break-up

RRP: £15.50

TkMaxx Price: £4.00


This reminds me of my Clinique Take the Day off- just a bit oilier, making it a good alternative for those with drier skin.  I actually purchased this item to see if I could use it whilst washing my makeup brushes, without stripping them of their softness. I’ll do an update to let you know if it works.

I hope that this has reinforced how bomb TkMaxx is.  I hope to find more face products if the future, maybe some Nars Blushes or a Make Up For Ever concealer or two 😂.

I really hope that TkMaxx continues to deliver with their branded beauty, I will be back with an even better part 3, and soon I’ll have enough products to do a look on.






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