Branded Beauty Bargains: TkMaxx



Indulging in makeup is costly (but necessary).  My constant desire to expand my collection has forced me to become thrifty with my purchases.

TkMaxx is one of my favourite places to shop in general.  I don’t have the patience to look through all the clothes, but I always manage to find amazing homeware, makeup, lashes and nail polishes which fit into my very tight student budget.

I’ve learnt that consistency is key, I always make the effort to look in any TkMaxx that I pass.  A lot of the days are disappointing, good products are often stolen and unappealing colours and styles are often present in bulk.  BUT, sometimes, you can come across some well hidden treasures.  These are a few of the gems that I have found.

*products listed from left to right*

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 0, 104 and 500

RRP: £17.00

TkMaxx Price: £5.99

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Star Collection Gloss in S24 and Metal collection M6

RRP: £16.00

TkMaxx Price: £5.99

These glosses are stunning.  The texture is very nice, there is enough tack to ensure longevity on the lips without being uncomfortable and annoying.  The vivid purple is very pigmented for a gloss- it could probably be worn alone with a lip liner on the outline of the lips.  There were a few other bright colours to pick from, but since I already have similar colours in my collection in lipstick form, I opted for a clear gloss, which will add a lot of versatility to my lip looks.  The brown gloss has (paired with MAC Chestnut lip pencil) has replaced Mac Spice lipglass as my everyday lip colour.  I am able to wear this combo with lightly filled in brows, and a light coat of mascara, to work or lectures so I don’t look as rough as I feel!

The shimmery coral and metallic gold are very on trend; they are less intense than the plexi gloss but their finishes really pop when laid over a lipstick of a similar colour.  I could see them finishing a lot of the makeup looks I’ve planned 😏 (they smell buff aswell).

Nars Eye Paint- Iskandar

RRP: £18.50

TkMaxx Price: £4.99


My heart actually stopped when I saw this.  I’m a massive Nars fan and this eye paint did not disappoint.  I like the fact that you can build up the intensity, making it very easy to transition from a day to a night look.  It also looks beautiful as a highlighter on my skin tone.


Do not sleep on TkMaxx guys, they also have amazing deals on wonderbras, sunglasses, luggage and designer watches.  Just make sure to go with a bit of money to spend or you’ll lose out on an item that you really want.





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